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Medicaid Expansion

When hospitals or medical facilities close in our rural areas, the probability of attracting new businesses becomes very unlikely.  A vital key to a flourishing and prosperous community is great healthcare access for its residents.  Knowing this, Kingman had to pass a sales tax hike to keep their local hospital open.   Failure of the Kansas legislature to pass expanded KanCare eligibility has cost Kansas over $4 billion.  Hospitals serve as local economic engines, creating jobs while attracting and supporting businesses and residents.  It is past time to keep our tax dollars working for Kansas and pass Medicaid expansion now…(read more)  

Kansas Education

As a Certified Public Accountant, I understand how to evaluate return on investments. There is no greater return for Kansas than the education of our youth. A good education is the road that lifts a child from the cycle of poverty and provides a path of opportunity for those able to learn. Benefits accrue not only for children and their families, but also for the community.

Studies have shown that pre-kindergarten programs may shape a child’s learning capabilities for the rest of their school years. Properly funded pre-K classes for children are critical in laying the foundation for learning and they set fundamental social skills that continue to develop as the child grows. It is important for voters to understand that education helps eradicate poverty...(read more)


Tax Reform

Taxes are complex. As a certified public account, I know how to look at tax policies. Too often, when passing tax regulations, the legislature will waive the prospect of income tax relief. In reality, they give greater cuts to those who can most afford to pay their fair share, leaving slim relief to those that who struggle making ends meet.

It was only a few years ago that Kansas had to endure the failed Brownback tax experiment. No one wants to go back to that. This debacle allowed exceptionally large business owners to not pay state income tax. About 86 percent of the reduced tax dollars were because of the breaks to large businesses... (read more)



COVID-19 is a new virus and how we respond to it has evolved.  Medical experts agree we should socially distance and wear face masks that cover our mouths and noses. Kansas acted early to hold our infection rate down. The United States Constitution states a primary role of government is to “promote the general welfare” of the people. Therefore, it is important our officials take action to protect the populace against clear and present dangers. There are economic consequences to a lax approach…(read more)


Gun Ownership

I am a pro-second amendment Democrat.

While growing up in rural Kansas, I experienced the joys of hunting upland game and waterfowl from a young age. I still own guns today for sport and as protection for my home.  I will uphold the right of my fellow Kansans to do the same...(read more

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