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What about healthcare? Are you in favor of expanding KanCare?

Since entering the race to win as our Representative in Kansas House District 114, I have continued to talk to as many people possible. Access to affordable medical care is a prime issue for many of us. People working in law enforcement and education both say lack of available mental health care, for example, is exacerbating issues such as domestic violence and illegal drug use. Business leaders are expressing concerns over how hard it is to hire and keep good employees.

We need to address these issues so we can make Kansas a better place for all of us. Part of the solution is a need to expand KanCare. Greater access to mental health care would come from expanding Kancare. This would also protect our hospitals from closing, enhance the health of our communities and it is good for our businesses.

Hospitals and other providers often struggle with a crippling level of costs for uncompensated care.  At least four rural Kansas hospitals have closed in the past three years.  States that have expanded Medicaid have seen improved health experiences and measurable outcomes. 

Expanding KanCare is good for people who need it -- and it is good for Kansas.  

Let’s get expanded Medicaid passed so that we can help over 130,000 of our neighbors which, in turn, helps all our communities. 

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